The Florida primary roundup from around the internet

Human Events Staff Writer, Jarrett Stepman, has scoured the web for the best articles and commentary about the Florida primary, its results and what it means for the future of the Republican presidential primary.

NRO Symposium
National Review
What Florida means

Our experts weigh in on the result, and the road ahead.

George Neumayr
The American Spectator
Romney’s Cheap and Empty Win

Mitt Romney‘s plastic and philosophically vapid campaign secured an easy victory in Florida on Tuesday night. Sunshine state GOP voters swallowed his “electability” argument whole, according to the exit polls.

Scott Conroy
After Florida Win, Romney Aims for February Trifecta

On the heels of his resounding victory in the Florida primary on Tuesday, Mitt Romney will now look westward to three upcoming GOP contests in his attempt to effectively wrap up the nomination by the end of February

Nate Silver
The New York Times
Romney Wins, but Turnout Lags

So just because Republicans had a strong turnout in 2010 is no guarantee of a repeat performance. Mr. Romney is in an excellent position in the Republican nomination race, but he may still have some work to do in motivating his base.

Adam Smith
Tampa Bay Times
Five things we learned from Florida’s Republican primary, including money and negativity work

Florida spoke loudly and clearly Tuesday and, while it may take months to be sure, probably picked the Republican presidential nominee.

Reid Epstein
Mitt Romney claims return to inevitability in Florida primary win

Mitt Romney didn’t just claim victory Tuesday night — he sent a clear message to Newt Gingrich: The nomination is mine.


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