Head of Occupy DC "Fun Committee" Gets Tasered

As the Occupy DC savages are preparing to be kicked out today, police on Sunday needed to use a little extra force to subdue one of the occupiers.

Tensions between Occupy DC protesters and law enforcement increased Sunday afternoon with the arrest of a demonstrator and the approach of Monday’s noon deadline to enforce a ban on overnight camping.

Tempers flared around midday after police subdued a protester in McPherson Square with an electric shock. Several protesters accused the police of using excessive force, saying the demonstrator had been handcuffed by two police officers before a third used the electronic device to stun him.

Police on scene confirmed that a person had been subdued with a Taser and arrested but gave no further details.

The encounter occurred as Park Police passed out flyers warning of the deadline to begin enforcing a longstanding ban on camping overnight in the square and Freedom Plaza. A protester, who is known as “Lash,” became angry when police entered his tent, other demonstrators said.

According to far left fringe site Crooks and Liars, this “Lash” creature is head of the Occupy DC fun committee.

Lash, the head of the fun committee, said he and a small group of people would be staying in the park. They would not sleep for as long as humanly possible.

Well, I guess he managed to get some sleep, as after his shocking run-in with police he passed out and puked.

Good times, good times.

Another place where they need tasers, along with tear gas and water cannons, is out in Oakland, where these wild beasts went on a rampage Saturday resulting in hundreds of arrests.

Oakland officials and Occupy protesters confronted the fallout from their increasingly toxic conflict on Sunday, a day after the tensions reignited in chaotic, often violent demonstrations that resulted in at least 400 arrests. Once again, each side blamed the other for sparking the violence.

City officials took stock of the damage from Saturday’s clashes, which included injuries to three police officers and several protesters, as well as vandalism inside City Hall.

There, dozens of protesters had broken in with a crowbar, grabbed an American flag, and ignited it on the front steps.

“It’s like a tantrum,” Mayor Jean Quan said while showing the damage inside the building, which included a broken model of City Hall she estimated to be 100 years old. “They’re treating us like a playground.”

Quan said Occupy Oakland had “refused to be nonviolent” and, as a result, was “turning off the rest of the movement.” She said police would step up efforts to obtain restraining orders against some protesters to keep them from approaching City Hall.

Amazingly, the media continues to float the canard that it all started out peacefully.
Then came Saturday, which started peacefully enough — a midday rally at City Hall and a march. But hours later, the scene near downtown Oakland had dramatically deteriorated: clashes punctuated by rock and bottle throwing by protesters and volleys of tear gas from police, and a City Hall break-in that left glass cases smashed, graffiti spray-painted on walls and an American flag burned.
It always starts “peacefully” yet winds up with violence. The media fails to see the irony.
“This particular faction of Occupy … they’re very violent and I’m going to be asking fo
r a lot more mutual aid,” Quan said, adding that the weekly marches prevent the city’s police force from patrolling other parts of Oakland. “They are hurting the neighborhoods by continuing to do this on Saturday nights.”

It’s a shame we no longer have a functioning Justice Department in this country or this nonsense would come to a halt today.

Here are some of the “peaceful” occupiers burning the American flag. But whatever you do, don’t question their patriotism.