Florida CNN debate roundup

Human Events Staff Writer, Jarrett Stepman, has collected articles about the CNN debate in Florida from around the internet. There is more to come as commentary files in.

Scott Conroy
Santorum Reasserts Himself in Florida Debate

The latest Republican face-off here on Thursday, debate moderator Wolf Blitzer gave Santorum the first and last word of the night, and the candidate who is running a distant third here appeared up to the challenge of nudging himself back into the conversation in what has become a two-man narrative in Florida.

Guy Benson
Jacksonville Debate: Two Winners, One Loser

We had two winners tonight: From a ‘micro’ perspective, Rick Santorum was terrific and narrowly won the evening.  On a macro level, Mitt Romney came awfully close to winning the debate outright, and just owned Newt Gingrich during three dramatic exchanges.

Byron York
The Washington Examiner
Gingrich blows chance in crucial final debate

After the debate, Gingrich’s spokesman did not want to answer a simple question: How could Gingrich have attacked Romney for a Fannie/Freddie investment when the former speaker had such investments of his own?

Alexander Burns
Florida Republican debate: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich throw jabs in Jacksonville

Newt Gingrich abandoned his role as Mitt Romney’s chief antagonist in Thursday night’s presidential debate, going easy on the national GOP front-runner as a third candidate joined the fray in force.

Howard Kurtz
The Daily Beast
Newt Gingrich Swings at Mitt Romney and Misses in CNN Florida Debate

In the opening moments of CNN’s debate in Jacksonville on Thursday night, Gingrich passed up one invitation to smack Romney and tried to deflect another Mitt attack without swinging back. 

James Antle
The American Spectator
Debate Wrap

This was by far the best debate for Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. They both made effective use of the squabbling between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.


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