Deja Vu At the State of the Union


Someone at the Republican National Committee noticed that a lot of what President Obama had to say during his 2012 State of the Union address sounded awfully familiar. 

With amazing speed – doubtless assisted by the sure knowledge that Obama wasn’t about to start having new ideas this late in his career – they put together a side-by-side video comparison with previous speeches Obama has given.  The result is a video entitled “Familiar Rhetoric, Failed Record.”  It’s more like a broken record. *

* Note to younger readers: Audio data used to be stored on large disks called “records,” which were much larger than CDs.**  These were placed on a mechanical turntable and rotated, while a needle moved across the grooves cut into the record.  If the record became scratched, the needle would skip, and the same sounds would be played over and over again.

** Note to even younger readers: Audio data used to be stored on CDs, which were plastic disks encoded digitally and read by a laser beam.  Bad music could be conveniently repurposed as beverage coasters, or tossed around the room in a spirited game of Frisbee.