Gizzi's America: Coverage of the South Carolina primary

Gingrich: Conservatives want to see him debate Obama

The winner tells HUMAN EVENTS that conservatives decided to unite to support him.

South Carolina voters voice their opinions of the GOP candidates

Despite the many Gingrich and Romney supporters, the primary still remains uncertain.

Primary day with South Carolina’s Rep. Joe Wilson

Video: “The top concern of Republicans here is jobs, jobs, jobs.”

Newt Gingrich, not Mitt Romney, helped by South Carolina’s undecided voters

Video: 20 percent of likely voters are undecided, and they will fall into Newt’s camp, says son of former S.C. Governor Campbell.

Gingrich benefited from debates, says former S.C. GOP Chairman

Video: “The debates put Gingrich where he is now,” says Henry McMaster.

South Carolina primary ‘wide open’ says State GOP chairman

Video: State GOP chairman emphasizes that South Carolinians “can’t be put in a box by the pollsters and the national media.”

‘Newt will win’ predicts operative in South Carolina

Video: Gingrich operative notes that conservatives throughout the state are turning to the former House speaker.

South Carolina primary: Most critical in 32 years

Video: On Saturday, the vote in South Carolina may finalize the GOP nomination race or start a long, protracted battle.