Teaching against climate change deniers

This month, the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), a nonprofit group that denounces intelligent design and supports evolution-only curricula in the classroom, is expanding its mission. The organization is determined to silence global warming deniers, and is unfurling an aggressive effort to teach America’s schoolchildren that climate change is real and is being caused by human activity.

The NCSE has created a website filled with propaganda aimed at equipping educators with rhetoric to denounce what they describe as, “The Pillars of Climate-Change Denial.” The pillars are actually an accurate self-indictment of the global warming movement.  For example, the first pillar states deniers believe, “Climate change is bad science.”

Teaching about anthropogenic climate change certainly is bad science; just examine the earth’s temperature record.  Over many thousands of years the planet has undergone dramatic temperature fluctuations.  In modern times we’ve witnessed seen the same thing, with a slight warming commencing after the conclusion of the Little Ice Age in 1850, leading to a cooling in the 1940s, and returning to a brief warming in the mid-seventies.  Since 1998, the global atmosphere has not experienced any further warming.  Nonetheless, global warming enthusiasts are quick to note that there has been a 1.14 degrees Fahrenheit warming since 1850, but of course they fail to tell you that 88 percent of that rise occurred prior to 1940.  As for atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, those too have varied significantly.

Another hallmark of the denier, according to the NCSE, is the criticism that proponents of “climate change are driven by ideological motivations [which] leads to undesirable social consequences.”

Again, spot-on.  My extensive research on the matter is quite conclusive: show me an outspoken defender of human-induced climate change, and I will show you left-leaning political ideologue.  As I reveal in my upcoming book, Eco-Tyranny, for over a hundred years progressive thinkers have always perceived pollution—both actual and counterfeit—as a clever tool with which to bludgeon capitalism.  Indeed, examine the work of the National Center for Science Education’s president, Kevin Padian, a professor of biology at University California, Berkeley.  Padian is another leftist with a Ph.D. who is hell bent on using his progressive lectern to push his personal perspective.  Besides having been often referenced in Revolution, a magazine that describes itself as, “the voice of the revolutionary communist party USA,” Padian has declared Karl Marx to be one of the “triumvirate of nineteenth-century European thinkers,” (the others being Darwin and Freud). Like so many cut from a socialist cloth, Padian contends, “Marx’s ideas have been distorted beyond recognition in their political execution.”  In other words, Dr. Padian sounds like the type who believes socialism really can work—it just needs to be done better.

As a prime example of what the NCSE intends, the University of California at Berkeley operates the website  On the site, instructors can order “Global Warming for Young Minds,” a handbook aimed at 6- to 10-year-olds. It also offers “Let’s Stop Climate Change” DVDs, in which Simon the hippopotamus encourages children to take action against the dangers presented by global warming.

In the class projects section of a similar website,, school kids are told, “We all know about climate change. We all know what to expect. Now we must act.”

The tragic aspect of all such eco-brainwashing is that the scientific method is being bastardized as our students are being told what to think, not how to think. Additionally, all of this indoctrination is stemming from the minds of teachers who hold more in common with Marx, than they do with Madison.