Latest Media Spin: Newt Gingrich Is ANGRY

Here it comes.

(New Statsman)

The media elites latest attack on Newt – He’s angry!

Look for it from now until November.

The Politico reported:

Newt Gingrich trundles into the meeting hall – – a former X-rated movie theater – – to rapturous applause. He is not the best-looking guy in Republican race or the best-funded or the most ideologically pure. But he has found his shtick, and he is shticking to it. Newt Gingrich is the angriest man in America.

Mitt Romney will tell you that Barack Obama is a “nice guy” but that he is “in over his head.” Newt Gingrich will tell you Barack Obama is “the most radical and most incompetent president in our lifetime!”

Obama is more than incompetent, in fact. To Newt, he is a moron. “It’s one thing to say the White House can’t play chess, it’s another to say it can’t play checkers,” Newt says and pauses like the professional he is for the laugh to build. “But tic-tac-toe?”

But Obama is more than stupid. He is dangerous. This is important to keep in mind. The Gingrich campaign is based on the notion of perpetual struggle against perpetual peril. “How many of you believe the left will fight us every step of the way even after we win?” Gingrich asks the crowd. The next day, Gingrich will win the South Carolina primary.

But he already knows that will happen. That is a given. Just like his nomination and election. But even that will not be enough to silence the “secular socialists” who oppose him from the left.