Top 10 things we want to hear in Obama's State of the Union address

President Obama is set to trek down Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol Hill on Jan. 24 and make the annual State of  the Union address to a joint session of Congress. Rather than wait to hear the bad news, HUMAN EVENTS would like to offer some advice to the President: The Top 10 Things We Want to Hear in Obama’s State of the Union Address (but probably won’t).

1. Cut spending

Mr. President: This is the big one. You’ve run up a century’s worth of debt in three years. Tell the American people that you will take an ax to the ever-growing federal-spending and start hacking at areas not meant for Washington’s power grab. (While you’re at it, read up on the 10th Amendment.)

2. Cut taxes

Now that you’ve decided to reduce spending, there will be room to cut taxes. Lowering taxes on small businesses and corporations will make it easier for them to create jobs. If you really want a “Recovery Summer,” unleash the private sector by lowering the highest corporate tax rate in the world.

3. Drill, baby, drill

Say that you’ve seen the light on energy policy and pledge a Manhattan-Project-like initiative to develop the nation’s resources. Shale oil extraction, off-shore drilling and nuclear power should all be tapped to ensure that America’s energy needs are not held hostage by a Middle East madman.

4. Dump ObamaCare

ObamaCare is never going to be fully implemented anyway. It’s too expensive and too unwieldy to be efficient. Either the Supreme Court will knock it down or Congress will defund it piecemeal. Beat them to the punch and suggest starting over on healthcare, and borrow some free-market solutions from Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget plan.

5. Cut regulations and rein in the EPA

Ease the burden on companies that are buried in bureaucratic red tape and promise to roll back oppressive regulations. You can start with the Environmental Protection Agency. Do we really need to regulate workplace dust or prevent citizens from building homes on their own land because of non-existent wetlands?

6. Foreign policy overhaul

From Iran and Israel, to Russia and Eastern Europe, your foreign policy has been a mess. Here’s a novel idea: Support our allies and know who our enemies are. And not acknowledging that radical Islam is the enemy in the war of terror is a naïve miscalculation of major proportion.

7. Control government intrusion

It is not just the over spending (No. 2) that’s a problem, but how government keeps intruding in our daily lives. The Founders envisioned a small, limited federal government that didn’t encroach on our freedoms. Start with the Transportation Safety Administration’s groping problem and leave our light bulbs alone.

8. Simplify the tax code

Tax season is upon us and soon we all will be wrestling with 1040s, Schedule As and tax tables. Pledge to the American people that you will ditch the mammoth tax code and start fresh with a new system that sets simplicity and clarity as its guideposts. (Do that and you will see a nice bounce in the polls.)

9. Take your job seriously

With many in America suffering, the country needs to be reassured that its government servants are taking the job seriously. In your speech, say you will cut back on the golf links, forgo a vacation or two and stop the freaky Alice-in Wonderland parties at the White House.

10. ‘I resign’

In a 1968 address to the nation, President Lyndon B. Johnson announced, “I shall not seek, and I will not accept, the nomination of my party for another term as your President.” If only the current President could take a cue from a fellow Democrat and announce his intention to go away.