Mark Levin: Liberals ooze of greed and envy

We know the Democratic playbook by now, right?

Liberals always fall back on the politics of greed and envy.  “Rich” people are to be blamed for everything: the bailout of banks, health care’s uninsured, laid-off teachers, soaring deficits, back-breaking debt, high unemployment, falling home values, and Michael Jackson’s death (too soon?).
How are Republicans responding to such leftist rhetoric?

Poorly, says Mark Levin.  Very poorly.

“The government is never big enough.  It never has enough money.  It never spends enough.  It builds all these monuments to itself; and then it complains it doesn’t have enough money,” argued Levin in his latest interview with HUMAN EVENTS.  And all this while the government is “destroying our financial system and draining wealth from the private sector.”

Levin, whose brand-new book Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America skyrocketed to No. 1 on, says that the Left tries to “destroy the individual” to distract the people from their agenda of an ever-expanding government.

Watch part four of our interview with Mark Levin:

For what we consider individual success and productivity, liberals must create “devil terms,” he added.
“Oh, you’re a selfish profiteer.”

While Levin hopes our republic can be restored, he’s not so sure it will happen.  “It’s getting close to … where I wonder.”  Levin says that the country must answer this fundamental question:  Do we want to live in America, or do we want to live in an Ameritopia?  If the former, he notes, then we have a lot of unconstitutional laws to unravel.

Decades’ and decades’ worth.

“So many decisions made about our lives today are out of our control.  They’re made by bureaucrats and judges and temporary politicians who try to make permanent changes to our society.”

Levin’s pessimism’s is derived from the fact that the utopians have done an enormously effective job in conditioning the American psyche to devalue the Constitution and replace it with the bonds of government entitlement.

Heck, Obama employs this tactic every day.  “He’s attacking who we used to be, and saying who we need to be.”

That brings up a good point:  What incentive does a person beholden to the entitlement system have to vote for a constitutional conservative after being trained by the utopians to vote to take more private property away from others in order to keep the obscene government gravy train flowing?

You’ll have to watch the video above to see Levin’s answer.


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