Palin calls on Romney to prove job creation at Bain

Mitt Romney needs to prove his claims that his work at Bain Capital helped create jobs, not add to the unemployment lines, and further, release his tax returns, Sarah Palin told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday night.

Palin also wondered out loud whether Michelle Obama thought Americans were “numbskulls,” referencing a recent CBS News interview with the First Lady.

In making these statements, she again showed why she is a fierce thorn in the side of the GOP establishment and perhaps the fiercest critic the GOP has against the Obama administration.

Palin said this was a “come to Jesus” moment for Romney and the other candidates, and she said candidates should be prepared for the “rough and tumble” style of politics that President Barack Obama and his machine will practice.

“I don’t agree with the attacks on free market capitalism at all,” Palin said, before defining the upcoming election as a contest between the “clenched fist” of Obama’s socialist policies and the “invisible hand of the free market.”

Palin said what the other candidates, particularly Texas Gov. Rick Perry, were concerned about was Romney’s claim that Bain Capital created 100,000 jobs. Palin said Romney should provide not only proof that Bain created 100,000 jobs, but that those jobs were created for Americans. If Romney does not provide evidence, Palin suggested that the information would come out, most likely as an “October Surprise,” in the general election if Romney is the nominee.

“That’s fair, that’s not negative campaigning,” Palin said, before adding that so many people are concerned with what is going on in Main Street in addition to Wall Street.

Palin said conservatives are still examining Romney and have a right to know about the buyouts associated with Bain and if some of the firm’s actions resulted in government bailouts of the companies Bain held, and whether Romney benefited directly from that bailout money.

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In reference to Michelle Obama’s earlier interview with CBS News, in which the First Lady said Obama’s reelection campaign would be about “making sure people understand all that has been accomplished” because “people are confused about what has been accomplished,” Palin sounded exasperated.

“Are we just a bunch of numbskulls out here in the heartland of America?,” Palin asked, before stating that regular Americans can read the unemployment numbers and the $5 trillion in debt that has been amassed while Obama has been in office.