Obama's Convention Coronation May Be Moved to Bank of America Stadium

How’s this one for irony? The same guy who rails against banks and Wall Street, while at the same time being the largest beneficiary of campaign cash from banks and Wall Street, is apparently so hard up for more money that he’s looking to move the final day of the 2012 convention in Charlotte outdoors to a venue named after Bank of America.

You can’t make this stuff up.

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign is considering moving the final day of the Democratic National Convention to Bank of America Stadium to sell more skyboxes to wealthy donors, three Democrats involved in the fundraising told Bloomberg News.

The 74,000-seat home of the Carolina Panthers also would have room for the convention to sell more floor passes close to the stage. Planners are struggling to meet a $36.6 million fundraising goal, according to the Democrats, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the matter.

Get those Greek columns out of storage, folks, here comes Mr. 1%.

Seriously, though, how insatiable is his thirst for money? I’ve been following politics for decades and never have seen someone so greedy. Selling floor passes, selling sky boxes, selling his soul for cash. Is there any end to it? Yet here they go attacking Mitt Romney for having the audacity to make money as a businessman.

Obama advisers are aware of the political downside of the president delivering his nationally televised acceptance in a stadium named for a bank that considered imposing a fee that he said would have “mistreated” customers, sources told Bloomberg. That would be outweighed, they said, by the chance to lure more big-dollar contributors to cover the convention’s costs.

So who cares about being a rank hypocrite as long as they can cash in?

It’s the Obama way.

I wonder what his Occupy Wall Street zombies will have to say about their man pimping himself out so shamelessly, not to mention appearing at Bank of America Stadium?

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