Gizzi's America: Coverage of the New Hampshire GOP primary

Newt predicts “third place” in N.H. tonight

The former House speaker says that Mitt Romney could be the Paul Tsongas of 2012.

Huntsman benefited from Romney debate exchange

Huntsman spokesman says strong team in place in South Carolina and candidate is “ready to go across the country.”

Ron Paul, Mitt Romney campaign approaches contrast sharply in New Hampshire

At headquarters on two sides of Elm Street, one is all laser lights, the other all laser focused.

Santorum: ‘We’re lucky to finish third’

Rick Santorum says “bold colors, not [Romney’s] pale pastel” will cut it against Obama.

Sununu on Gingrich’s ‘liar problem’

John Sununu recounts Gingrich’s private promise to support George H.W. Bush’s last budget, then public reversal to critic of the plan.