Todd Palin endorses Newt Gingrich for president

Todd Palin endorsed Newt Gingrich for president today, according to ABC News

The endorsement is likely to give boost Gingrich in South Carolina, the state Gingrich must win to have a chance to win the nomination.

In Iowa, when former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum was barely registering at 5 percent in the polls, Palin praised Santorum on FOX News and on Sean Hannity’s radio show

After Palin’s favorable words, other conservative leaders began to praise Santorum. Palin’s words caused many to give Santorum a first or second look, and Santorum cited Palin’s kind words about him during the final weeks leading up to the Iowa caucus

If Gingrich experiences a similar bump in South Carolina, it will signal the considerable amount of power Palin still has among Republicans and conservatives. 


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