Chris Christie Versus "Occupy??? Hecklers


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie not only endorsed Mitt Romney for President, but has been appearing with him on the campaign trail.  On Sunday, Christie found himself on stage with Romney at a high school in Exeter, New Hampshire, when a group of chanting “Occupy Wall Street” protesters interrupted the event.

Part way through his introduction for Romney, Christie paused to hear what the hecklers were chanting.  It turned out to be “Christie kills jobs!” 

You will never see a human being relish confrontation as much as Christie does when he replies, “Really?”  In fact, you don’t normally see this level of appetite for conflict outside of Klingon mating rituals.  Meanwhile, Romney stands behind him looking like someone in the front row at a Gallagher comedy performance, wondering if it’s time to raise his protective plastic sheet to protect himself from getting splattered by chunks of Occupier.