Gingrich Supporters Release Anti-Romney Flick

Newt Gingrich supporters bought rights to a a short movie critical of Mitt Romney‘s tenure as Head of Bain Capital.

King of the Bain – When Mitt Romney Came to Town

The trailer was released yesterday:

ABC News reported:

Supporters of Newt Gingrich have bought the rights to a new short movie that is very critical of Mitt Romney’s tenure as head of Bain Capital. Romney’s business career made him a very wealthy man, but has come under some criticism because Bain bought some companies and put them out of business.

The movie, called “King of Bain, When Mitt Romney Came to Town,” has not been distributed, but has been viewed by ABC News. It was made by former Romney supporters and intersperses interviews with some workers who blame Romney’s company for losing their jobs with ominous music.

At one point it focuses on K.B. Toys, which made money for Bain even as it closed stores. The movie and Romney’s record at Bain were the subject of questioning at the ABC News and Yahoo News sponsored debate in New Hampshire Saturday night, when George Stephanopoulos asked Gingrich to talk about it.

Newt also got a chunk of cash this week to run more ads against Romney.