Bears on the border

The re-elect Obama media brays that arrests of illegals crossing the border with Mexico are way down.  It’s the official line:  The Border is no longer a problem.  Obama has solved another problem–and solved it without building the racist border fence.  Border crime is down; the border is safe.

I live not far from the border in San Diego.  That official line is false.

Arrests of illegals are down because the Obama Recession has diminished the power of the job magnet drawing illegals to the U.S. but also because the Border Patrol has been ordered to detain fewer illegals.

Hundreds of OTM (Other Than Mexican) illegals have been apprehended breaking into the U.S last year., most of them from countries on the State Department’s terror sponsoring states list. The big news last year was the discovery of an Hezbollah safe house in Tijuana.

The border is not safe.  Mexico City newspapers reported with the new year that 12,000 Mexicans died in 2011 in the continuing war between the drug cartels and the Mexican government, leaving Mexican towns on the border under continuing siege by the cartel butchers. 12,000 dead is twice the U.S. murder rate.  The murder rate was higher in Ciudad Juarez last year than in Baghdad.

In San Diego, the end of the year news included renewed revelations of Mexican cartel penetration of San Diego high schools.  Under 18 year old soldiers and runners for the cartels who are U.S. citizens (many are anchor babies) and speak Spanish are highly prized by the cartels.  Incarcerated cartel members in California run vast criminal enterprises from prison.

Last year also came the revelation that the Obama administration had a budgeted program in the Justice Department to monitor gun sales to straw buyers who were then allowed to “walk” those guns across the border into the waiting hands of the drug cartels.

One cartel leader caught by the Mexican military last year bragged that they could get any weapons they wanted from U.S. sources. The Obama media wanted us to believe this was because of lax American gun laws. 

The reality is that part of the supply of guns to the cartels was a taxpayer supported program called “Fast and Furious” run out of the Phoenix office of the Justice Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

The reality is that Obama and Attorney General Holder have committed an act of war against Mexico to create a crisis designed to advance their political agenda of gun control.

Desperate to keep the border open, and the flow of undocumented Democrat voters unimpeded, Obama sued states that dared to enforce federal immigration laws he was sworn to enforce but would not, sued states that dared to ask voters for I.D., stopped building the fence mandated by Congress, withdrew the National Guard from border duty, and halted deportation hearings so that more illegals could stay. 

At least with that last move, no one could say that Auntie Zeituni was getting any special favors.

Desperate to keep up the pressure against effective border control, the Obama re-elect media has taken a page from the polar bear/climate change propaganda campaign to make the black bear migration another reason to not enforce the border.

The New York Times headline (December 21, 2011) reads “Border Fence Blocks Bears in Migration, Study Finds”.  The article by Marc Lacey summarizes the study with this line: “The much ballyhooed border fence…has become an obstacle, researchers say, to migrating bears.

I determined to find the original “study” because bears don’t migrate.  They hibernate.  Migration is behavior of species that travel with the seasons. Bears don’t.

Sure enough, the study (found at is entitled “Modeling Connectivity of Black Bears in a Desert Sky Archipelago”.  The study does not claim that bears migrate. 

The study of black bear populations in Arizona identifies three regions of biologically separated bear populations and the threats to the bears from human urbanization.  The study does identify the border fence as an impediment to the mingling of the southern bear group, some portion of which lives in Mexico, although 88 miles of the Arizona-Mexico border in the rugged areas where the bears live remains unfenced.

So the NYT distorted the study for political ends, inserting the loaded word “Migration” in the headline and making the blocking of the migrating bears at the border the theme of the story.  The bears don’t migrate and the fence is not impeding the “Connectivity” of the border straddling bear group in its range.

Of course, none of that stopped the echo chamber media from picking up such a juicy illegal alien bear story and reprinting it. See, for instance, Troy Hooper in the Colorado Independent with the headline “New Study: Border Fences Blocking Black Bear Migration Between Arizona, Mexico”.  Bears don’t migrate and the fence is not blocking the bears from “Connectivity”.

Even crazier, The Wildlife News, in a January 2 article by Ralph Maughan, chimed in with this headline “US-Mexico Border Fence is Great for Disrupting Wildlife Migration—Little Deterrent for Illegals and Drug Runners”

The Wildlife News must not have gotten the memo that the border is safe now–there are no drug runners or illegals.

Even more entertaining, the Wildlife News goes on to list “the imperiled species affected by the wall”.  The list includes nine birds and one bat that can presumably fly over any fence.  The border fence is blocking pelicans, quail, terns, owls, etc.?  Really?

Mindless propaganda twisting easily accessible scientific studies is a testament to the desperation of the Obama re-elect campaign and it’s media acolytes.  Without illegal alien votes (as Harry Reid proved in his 2010 campaign), unpopular Democrats cannot be re-elected. If it takes a phony campaign to “save the black bear” to insure that illegals continue to stream into the country, then so be it.  Nobody really reads those studies anyway, do they?