Failed Promises: Iowa Edition


While everyone else beats the stuffing out of Newt Gingrich with negative ads in Iowa, the Republican Party decided to weigh in with a little reminder of the true opponent all these rivals are running to replace. 

The result is a devastating ad called “Failed Promises: Iowa Edition,” which comes with an even more devastating online catalogue of Obama failures.  You’ll have to scroll quite a way down to take it all in.

You can tell this is an election-year ad, because the soundtrack disdains the traditional off-year Mournful Violins of Disappointment for the pulse-pounding Opera Chorus of Disaster.  (The third common political soundtrack, the Tinkly Piano of Heartwarming Sincerity, will be kept in mothballs until somebody wins the primaries.)  “Enjoy” probably isn’t the right benediction here, so… dig in.