Iranian Regime Produces First Nuclear Fuel Rod

Loading nuclear fuel rods into the heart of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran. (Fars)

Iranian scientists announced today that the regime has produced its first nuclear fuel rod.

Press TV reported:

Iranian nuclear scientists have successfully managed to build and test the country’s first nuclear fuel rod containing natural uranium, a report says. According to the public relations office of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO), the rod has undergone various physical and dimensional tests and has been inserted into the core of Tehran’s Research Reactor.

The fuel rod has been exposed to radiation of about 1,500 megawatt hours and passed neutron-related tests in terms of radioactivity level and non-leakage of the radioactive materials during initial phases at diverse power levels, the report added.

Currently, the rod is also undergoing rays at Tehran’s Research Reactor to examine its long-term performance. Over the past years, Iranian nuclear experts have succeeded in utilizing the reactor to meet the nation’s requirements for radiopharmaceuticals.