Iowa Coffee Shop Owner Gives #Occupy Goons the Boot (Video)

Video gold…

Iowa coffee shop owner Amy Brehm wasn’t going to let idiot leftists disturb her customers. After they tried one of their goofy chants, Amy promptly gave them the boot.  

“You’re not allowed to ever come back.”

Yahoo reported, via Hotair


On Friday morning before a planned event appearance by Newt Gingrich, some members of “Occupy Iowa” made a stop at Java Joe’s, a coffee shop here that MSNBC has been broadcasting from.

The protesters didn’t get far before the owner of the shop gave them the boot. About four or five Occupiers stood chanting in the middle of the crowded coffee shop before they were told to leave.

“I just had to shut it down, I couldn’t stand it,” Amy Brehm, who owns the store, told Yahoo News after police escorted the last demonstrators out. “We all have our rights, but not in my place.”

It’s too bad she’s not mayor of Los Angeles. She could have saved the city millions.