Top 10 Lowlights of 2011

Say goodbye and good riddance to 2011— another tough year for America. Before we move on to 2012, let us pause to reflect upon the year gone by. Here then, are the Top 10 Lowlights of 2011.

1. Obama’s class warfare: Obama began his re-election bid by attacking bankers, insurance companies, Big Oil, and pharmaceuticals—while raking in campaign cash from the very same. This sophomoric and cynical appeal to inflame class warfare in order to win votes ignores the root of America’s woes: big government, out-of-control spending and massive debt.

2. Occupy Wall Street: This so-called movement of the 99% that arose in 2011, soon disintegrated into local bands of ruffians, homeless squatters, progressive activists, and aimless youngsters. By blocking workers from earning a living, these so-called “social justice” advocates hurt the very people they claim to represent. Not to mention the public health hazard caused by their filth. Go occupy your parents’ basement for awhile and give us a break.

3. Pipeline politics: For a President who assures the nation that he is all about job creation, Obama’s delay of the Keystone XL pipeline is the height of hypocrisy. Choosing political support from environmentalists over tens of thousands of good paying jobs is an insult to unemployed workers.

4. Fast and Furious: Letting guns “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug lords was not a good idea in the first place, but the way that Atty. Gen. Eric Holder’s Justice Department is covering up “who-knew-what when” is equally criminal. With pitbull Rep. Darrell Issa on the investigative trail, new revelations will likely keep this one on next year’s lowlight list.

5. Solyndra goes belly-up: Billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent trying to create “green jobs” and finding alternative sources of energy. As the bankruptcy of Solyndra proved, those ventures can’t compete in the marketplace even when heavily subsidized. To get real energy jobs, it’s time to allow the real development of U.S. energy resources, opening up coastal oil drilling and tapping the vast deposits of natural gas and shale oil in the heartland.

6. Wisconsin union war: Faced with a rollback of their lucrative taxpayer-funded benefits and pension plans, public employees in Wisconsin protested the cuts, with teachers leaving their classrooms, Democratic legislators fleeing the state and unions flooding the state capital building with boisterous members. How about funding your own 401 (k) like the rest of us?

7. Weiner’s Tweets: Rep. Anthony Weiner (D.-N.Y.) broke new ground in political sleaze, bringing congressional indiscretion into the world of Twitter. Horrified Americans were forced to see a new bulging crotch shot every time they turned on the news, until the humiliation drove Weiner from office. Good luck with your job search, Tony.

8. Media attack on GOP: No matter which Republican running for President rose in the polls, the media was ready to pounce. Bachmann was portrayed as a flake; Perry, a dunce; Cain, a molester; Gingrich, as zany. Interestingly, many of the same reporters now on the attack are the same ones that to forgot to vet a certain Democratic candidate in 2008.

9. Do-nothing Senate: The Democratic-led Senate is setting new records for not getting things done. It’s been years since the chamber passed a budget and unless a spending bill has money for a Cowboy Poetry Festival it is unlikely to pass muster with Majority Leader Harry Reid. We say it’s time for the Senate to get to work and a good place to start would be the pile of bills already passed by the House of Representatives.

10. Hollywood shenanigans: We had to save a place for Hollywood on the list. After all, 2011 saw Charlie Sheen go insane, Lindsay Lohan pose for Playboy between court appearances, Kim Kardashian’s nano-second marriage, and Alec Baldwin get tossed from a plane for boorish behavior. Need we go on?