2011: YAF's Top Ten Politically Correct Offenses on Campus

2011 was a year for many offenses against the American traditions of truth, justice and freedom.  Among some of the most grievous are to found in the world of Academia.  To close-out the year, we at YAF present the Politically Correct Offenses on campus:

10.    Washington and Jefferson College Endorses Condom-Decorated Christmas Tree

In one of the most bizarre campus-related stories of the year, Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania, endorsed a condom-decorated Christmas tree in one of the main halls of the school. The tree, which was sponsored by the Gay-Straight Alliance, also had a sign telling students to “take one.”

After students raised concerns that this display disrespected the spirit of the holiday, school officials defended the tree and said they’d approve it again. 

9.    Georgetown Liberals Encourage Students to Interrupt and Disrespect Ann Coulter

Before Ann Coulter spoke at Georgetown University, the campus’ liberal paper, the Georgetown Progressive, called for an “idiotic display of disrespect” during her speech, comparing her opinions to those of the Ku Klux Klan.

Georgetown liberals also started a Facebook page “Hate Has No Place Here: Oppose Ann Coulter’s Visit to Campus.” Georgetown liberals argued in favor of banning Ann Coulter’s speech, even though the university had recently hosted Michael Moore. Georgetown provided $10,000 to fund Moore’s speech, but only granted $1,000 for Coulter. Progressives love free speech—but only for fellow leftists.  

8.    NC State Dean Praises Mao Tse-Tung

Students at North Carolina State University received the following email from the university’s dean, Jeffery P. Braden:

“Finally, a bit of advice. The friends you make in college will be your friends for life, and will influence what you do and how you think throughout your life time-so choose wisely. Some of the best friends I made as a student were Plato, Henry David Thoreau, Mao Tse-tung, Margaret Mead, and Maya Angelou. My colleagues are eager to make similar introductions for you!”
Mao Tse-Tung killed millions of people during his harsh reign—40 million alone starved during his “Great Leap Forward”—but leaders at America’s institutions of higher learning continue to admire his dedication to Communism and Marxism.

7.    Speaker on Islam Refuses to Condemn Hamas, Bin Laden at UCF Speech

Imam Siraj Wahhaj, known as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, spoke to a group of students at the University of Central Florida (UCF), and when asked by one of the students if he would condemn terrorist organizations like Hamas or al Qaeda, or even if he would condemn Osama bin Laden, Wahhaj refused to condemn any violent Muslim organization or person.

Instead, Wahhaj’s responded saying that Americans only “know what the media says” rather than the truth about these violent groups.

See the video of the question here: **

6.    Marietta College Requires Students to Fly Foreign Flags for 9/11: Never Forget Project

Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio, granted permission to YAF activist Sarah Snow to display 2,977 flags as part of YAF’s 9/11: Never Forget Project to honor the victims of the September 11 attacks. But then, less than two weeks before the planned events, the administration changed its mind.

The Director of Student Activities wrote to Sarah in an email, saying, “… are you planning to include other countries’ flags? There were more than just Americans that lost their lives on 9/11. I will send you a list of the other countries so that you can add these flags to the presentation.”
After Sarah fought back on this last-minute, politically correct demand, Marietta agreed to provide the foreign flags themselves.
Read Sarah’s blog post on this topic: *The Quad* and watch her on: *Fox News*

5.    Students Stopped from Wearing Military Sashes for Graduation

In June, Jordan Marker and Joel Hunsicker, two graduating seniors at Schuylkill Valley High School in Leesport, Pennsylvania, were not allowed to walk across the stage for their graduation ceremony because they were wearing sashes given to them by Army recruiters to honor their pending service.
The superintendent of the school said they did not “want to honor one group and disappoint another,” yet National Honor Society students were allowed to wear sashes to recognize their accomplishments. 

4.    Hamline University Reneges on Teaching Offer to Tom Emmer Because of His Conservative Marriage Beliefs

Hamline University’s business school in St. Paul, Minnesota, planned to hire Tom Emmer, a well-known conservative who ran for governor in Minnesota, but then reneged their offer after faculty members complained about his conservative beliefs.

After Emmer came to his first faculty meeting, some professors recognized him and started to organize to get him removed. Jim Bonilla, an associate professor in Hamline’s business school, told a local newspaper that he and other professors wrote the administration saying that Emmer’s conservative beliefs opposing gay marriage were discriminatory.

While the administration refuses to admit it, it appears that these emails were effective in ousting Emmer. The University denies ever making Emmer a formal offer, but an email forwarded to YAF from the business law department chair stated that, “For the spring we are offering a session during the day and Tom Emmer is going to teach it.

3.    Suffolk University Professor Calls Military Care Packages “Shameful” 

Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, hosted a drive to give care packages filled with necessities, including sunblock and basic sanitary products, to U.S. troops. While this charitable act seemed harmless, one Suffolk professor disagreed.

Michael Avery, professor of constitutional law at Suffolk University Law School, sent an email to his colleagues declaring that it would be “shameful” for an academic institution to help send care packages to U.S. soldiers “who have gone overseas to kill other human beings.
Suffolk refused to reprimand Avery for his remarks, leading one faculty member to resign in disgust.

2.    La Reina High School Denies Student Request for YAF Chapter

Isabella Foxen, a junior at La Reina High School, a Catholic school in Thousand Oakes, California, applied to start a Young Americans for Freedom chapter in response to a dearth of conservative perspectives on campus. Her application—which included 86 student signatures—was denied on the basis that the club would be “militant” and too “partisan.”
Not only had La Reina approved clubs like the “Green Team,” the school had also hosted a Green Party candidate to speak on “ecofeminism.” Yet, Isabella’s club, which planned to host YAF events such as the 9/11: Never Forget Project and a celebration of Ronald Reagan’s birthday, was labeled as too extreme.

See YAF’s interview with Isabella Foxen: **

1.    Rutgers Student Receives Death Threats for His Pro-Israel Beliefs

Aaron Marcus, a Rutgers University (the state college of New Jersey) student and YAF activist, was physically challenged to a fight by a Rutgers employee and received death threats from fellow students because of his pro-Israel beliefs.

One of Aaron’s columns in the Rutgers newspaper, The Daily Targum, led fellow Rutgers students to threaten Aaron on Facebook, saying, “Id [sic] be happy to beat him with a crowbar. Violence doesn’t solve problems but it shuts up people who shouldn’t [sic] speak,” followed later in the comment string by “Or makes them martyrs, furthering the strength behind their beliefs. And skinning them alive so they see the afterlife.

It didn’t stop with the students. The Huffington Post reported that the Department of Education is now investigating Rutgers for “alleged comments that the ZOA [Zionist Organization of America] says the Outreach Coordinator for Rutgers’ Center for Middle Eastern Studies made on Facebook about a Jewish student. The comments quoted by the ZOA complaint refer to the student as a ‘racist Zionist pig!!!!!!!!’”

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