Video: Does Paul Ryan Regret Not Running for President?

The Paul Ryan for President chatter gained significant buzz before Ryan himself had to make it clear that he would not seek the highest office in the land.

Now that he sees how the GOP race has materialized, does he have any regrets for not throwing his hat into the ring?

 “I’m not a ‘would’ve-should’ve-could’ve’ kind of guy” Ryan tells us. “Once you made a decision, you move on and don’t look back.”

What about vice president, would Ryan consider that? “Who knows? I don’t bother spending my time thinking about that,” he added. For now, Ryan says his hands are full pushing his colleagues in Congress to rein in America’s $15 trillion (and ever-growing) national debt.

(Watch part 5 of our interview with Paul Ryan)

But what many people may not know is that Ryan comes from a district in Wisconsin that voted for a Democratic nominee in four out of the last five presidential elections. Ryan attributes his electoral success in a blue-collar Democrat district to the number of town halls he’s held (more than 500 of them!) to discuss all the structural policy reforms he proposes.

“You have to persuade people to conservative philosophy and conservative principles and why they are the bedrock principles that made this country great,” Ryan explained.

Ryan said that his constituents generally acknowledge that the Congressman is more conservative than they are, but that they respect his sincerity and knowledge of the issues. “I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and support you,” is the typical reaction Ryan gets at these town halls, he claims.

Also in the video above: Ryan explains why the Left has hit the panic button on his latest partnership with liberal Democrat Senator Ron Wyden.  The fact that Ryan has an avid left-winger on board with moving Medicare from a government-run system to a market-based system, is a pill to big for the Obama zombies to swallow!



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