Take the Pledge, Support the Nominee

Be thankful that the season of Obama media vetting of Republican presidential candidates is coming to a close as Republican voters in the primary states at long last get to have their say on who the nominee will be.

The last eight months of media focus on each of the “not-Romneys” has been like watching the picadors in a bullfight wound the bull with their lances before the brave matador steps into the ring to face the dying bull.

But already there’s talk of third party campaigns if certain candidates’ egos get bruised by voter rejection in the primary season.

All of us who are committed to the defeat of Barack Obama cannot let this happen. Candidates for the Republican nomination for President must pledge now to support the nominee chosen by the voters in upcoming primary elections. Failure to take the pledge should be a factor when Republican primary voters make their choice.

A second term for Obama would do unthinkable harm to this country.  I know because I’m already living in Obama’s second term. 

I live in California, a former “golden state” now mired in bloated government, rising debt (despite a balanced budget amendment to the state constitution), higher taxes, 12% unemployment, with productive people and their businesses fleeing the state. California is awash in illegal aliens, failing schools, and pot hole filled roads.

Don’t let California’s present be your state’s future.

Our incumbent president faces the voters having in just three years championed policies that more than doubled the annual federal deficit, added more than $4 trillion to the government’s debt, nearly doubled the unemployment rate, and doubled the price of gasoline.

Based on this record of accomplishment, Obama went on 60 Minutes to claim with a straight face that he is the fourth best President in American history!  To protect Obama from his Hugo Chavez moment, 60 Minutes edited out the claim in the on-air version of the interview.

To restore an America of opportunity and prosperity, not to mention humility, Obama must go.

But Obama will be re-elected if candidates rejected by primary voters, or self appointed billionaire blowhards, launch third party bids.

The first to threaten a third party run this week was libertarian Gary Johnson (who?).  Wikipedia says Johnson was a two term governor of New Mexico. 

Johnson advocates a 23% national sales tax, marijuana legalization, gay marriage, and an open border with Mexico. Johnson charges that “the Republican Party hung me out to dry” after he appeared on only two of the televised debates. Based on his platform, he got more time than he should have.

Johnson is not the threat.  The threat is a third party run by Ron Paul, Mike Bloomberg, or Donald Trump. I’m not really worried about the billionaires either; they are most likely bluster and self promotion.  I’m worried about a third party Ron Paul campaign re-electing Barack Obama.

Glenn Beck has said that should Newt Gingrich get the Republican nomination, Beck would back Ron Paul as a third party candidate.  Glenn: Please reconsider.

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll published this week, Ron Paul is within 5 points of Obama in a hypothetical November matchup between the two. But if Paul doesn’t get the Republican nomination and makes a third party run, Obama will be re-elected when the conservative, right of center majority splits its vote between Paul and the Republican nominee.

What part of “Vote for Perot, Elect Clinton” do you not understand?

I’ve been down this road before.  In 1992.  I supported Perot.  I was wrong.  I won’t get fooled again.

Any of the declared candidates for the Republican nomination are preferable to Obama.  The choice of Republican voters in the coming primary season should be honored.  Ron Paul and all the aspiring presidential hopefuls should pledge to support the nominee.

While I will personally vote in the primary for the candidate I think the most qualified and conservative, I will support the candidate who wins the Republican nomination, whether it be Paul, Romney, Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, Santorum, or even Governor Johnson.