Marxist Terrorist Returns to U.S. Soil

If you ever needed evidence they media is sympathetic to the left and their pet causes, look no further than the headlines this morning on the story of convicted Tupac Amaru terrorist Lori Berenson returning to the United States for a visit.

Some sample headlines:

Paroled activist Lori Berenson arrives in U.S.

Paroled American activist convicted of helping Peruvian guerillas allowed home after initially being prevented from boarding flight

American activist convicted of treason for assisting terrorist group in Peru allowed home for first time in 16 years

An activist? Really?

Tupac Amaru, or MRTA, was named for an eighteenth-century rebel leader who fought Spanish colonial control. The group, which is Marxist, was founded to rid Peru of all imperialist elements and supported many of the communist principles that led to the Cuban revolution. It took up arms in 1984 and operated mainly in rural areas. According to the book “Peru’s MRTA: Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement,” which examines the group’s philosophy and tactics, the MRTA’s primary goal was to reform the Peruvian government and create a society in which ownership of property was shared and everyone enjoyed similar levels of prosperity. MRTA members decided the best way to fight the war was to attack the holdings of Peru’s wealthy elite, but sought to cause the least amount of injuries possible by frequently warning of its attacks in advance. Experts say Tupac Amaru has been less violent, in general, than Shining Path.

In December 1996, during the rule of Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori, fourteen MRTA members occupied the Japanese Ambassador’s residence in Lima, holding 72 hostages for over four months. Fujimori ordered armed forces to raid the residence in April 1997, rescuing all but one of the remaining hostages and killing all fourteen MRTA militants, including the remaining leaders of the terrorist organization. Shortly after this uprising, MRTA’s powers and operations within Peru scaled back dramatically.

At the very least Berenson was a terrorist sympathizer, much like many on the left. To beningly label her an activist is a journalistic disgrace.

Do you ever see right-leaning groups, let’s say the Tea Party, called activists? Heck no. The media treats them as if they’re a ominous threat to democracy. Yet when you see “Occupiers” causing a crime wave across the nation, they’re treated with kid gloves and give glowing media coverage.

To call Berenson an activist is just ridiculous. She’s a convicted criminal, nothing less. I wouldn’t be suprised to see her join up with the Occupy Wall Street activists while she’s back in New York.