Another Spree Shooter at Virginia Tech

After a police officer is killed on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Virginia Tech, in Blacksburg, Virginia on December 8th gun control advocates wasted no time in redirecting attention away from the killing itself in order to focus attention on controlling innocent gun owners.

Guess who the pundits are blaming for the shooting?  You got it – lax gun laws – a typical and misleading reaction from a media with an anti gun rights agenda.  Virginia Tech has a general ban on possession or storage of firearms on campus by employees, students, and volunteers, or any visitor, even if they are carrying a concealed handgun permit, since 2005, so it is a s-t-r-e-t-c-h to say gun control was lacking here.     

In fact, strict gun control policies on campus have failed Virginia Tech, twice. Virginia Tech is the place known for the shooting that killed 32 people and injured 25 in 2007. Shortly thereafter, gun control proponents were in a frenzy to enact laws to restrict the sale and purchase of guns, but for what purpose exactly? 

We know there is no correlation between gun control laws and a reduction in violent crime. 

We also know that areas where gun control is lax, there is less violent crime.  The solution might be to stop punishing firearms for violent crimes. The firearm is not the culprit. 

No one argues that these occurrences are not shocking and tragic. We can attempt to limit the amount of violent crimes, but we will not eliminate them all, no matter what we do. 

In the same way, in which we do not stop giving Americans the right to peacefully assemble when people do not assemble peacefully, we do not take away our right to bear arms, when people commit despicable crimes.   

The true culprits are, simply put, the deranged individuals who committed the crimes, not the guns they carried. These individuals exist everywhere, and are the very reason why Americans ought to be able to carry their firearms wherever they go as a means of protection.  Restricting where we can carry our firearms leaves us vulnerable to injury. 

Anti gun politicians together with their anti gun media counterparts seize on tragedy to hassle and restrict sale and distribution of guns. Gun control laws whether institutional, local or federal, has never corrected the problem of violent, isolated and out of the norm crimes.  This will take a miracle from God, not a slew of laws. 

As long as relevant state laws are followed, a citizen who enters college, or works at a college, should not trade in their Second Amendment rights to attend, but in America they do.

The sad truth is Virginia Tech ought to learn from their mistakes and try a different approach.  Here’s an idea:  Remove its restrictive no tolerance for guns policy and maybe the nut jobs will go somewhere else when they are ready to rampage.