Scott Walker Versus Hitler

There’s a recall petition being circulated against Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, whose astoundingly successful collective-bargaining reforms have earned him the undying hatred of Big Labor, and made him the target of liberals who desperately need a big win somewhere, to cleanse the aura of failure from 2012. 

Desperate times make for strange bedfellows, and so it is that Adolf Hitler has joined forces with union bosses and the Wisconsin Left to get rid of Walker.  And Mickey Mouse has got Hitler’s back.

It sounds like an episode of The Venture Brothers, but it’s actually happening in the Badger State, where the signatures of “Adolf Hitler” and “Mickey Mouse” have been accepted on ballot petitions as valid.  No word yet on whether any actual badgers have signed the petitions, but it might take a while to verify, since badgers are noted for their sloppy penmanship.

ABC News affiliate WISN explains how this is possible:

The signatures of Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler will be counted on recall petitions targeting Gov. Scott Walker as long as they are properly dated and include a Wisconsin address, the board charged with reviewing the petitions was told Tuesday.

Suspicious signatures will be noted when the Government Accountability Board reviews the petitions, but reviewers will look to see that signatures are accompanied by a Wisconsin address and are dated as having been signed during the circulation period, board elections specialist David Buerger said.

“We will flag them, but we will not strike them without challenge,” Buerger said after being asked whether Mickey Mouse’s signature would be counted. He noted that in previous recall petitions, Adolf Hitler’s name was struck because the address given was in Germany, not because of the name itself.

(Emphases mine.)  This means Wisconsin has actually gotten weirder since those previous recall petitions.  There really is a structure of some kind located where “Adolf Hitler” claims to live?  Must be a valid signature, then!

At least Walker and the others targeted in the recall petition can challenge the more obviously fraudulent signatures, right?  Well…

The Republican Party and Walker’s campaign have started their own website asking for people to submit information about signatures that ought to be disqualified, including multiple signatures.

Walker and those targeted are at a disadvantage since they can’t see the signatures collected until after they are submitted, while circulators can weed out problems before they are submitted.

“A majority of citizens have grown increasingly frustrated with the recall process, and this effort allows these people to get involved and protect their state from repeated fraudulent activity,” said Republican Party executive director Stephan Thompson in announcing the launch of the website Tuesday.

Good luck retaining control of your state, people of Wisconsin!