USO Struggles in Afghanistan as Rec Halls Flood

Our friend and G&P contributor Lt. Col. Timothy J. Woodward is in Afghanistan collecting data and documents for the Center for Army Lessons Learned, while assigned to Task Force Odin. The colonel sent the below message pleading for support from our readers. You can call the USO at: 1-877-947-4876 or visit their website here. Remember to designate your donation to Kandahar, so these recreation facilities can get back to making life easier for our deployed military personnel.


 Kandahar USO before the recent flooring


Just a quick note for readers from Kandahar.  The USO here received a few bids for the work to repair their floor after the flooding that messed up the facility here.  One of the staff told me the bids came in at just above $100,000 US.

I was told the USO in Bagram hit its requirement of $1,000,000 for their new facility up north.  I’m sure we can come up with another $100K to make the facility in Kandahar just spectacular.  Of course, once we figure out how to get non-stop hockey games there and I will be (almost) in paradise.  OK, “relative” paradise considering Kandahar is nowhere near paradise. 

Please ask Human Events and Guns and Patriots readers to help once again.  I am told you can designate a gift for the Kandahar USO.



Timothy J. Woodard


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