Squishy RINO Frum Whines About Fox and Limbaugh's Influence on GOP

Poor David Frum. The former George W. Bush speechwriter can’t get himself arrested in conservative circles these days and seemingly spends the bulk of his time trashing conservatives. He’s the darling of the CNN and MSNBC types specifically because as a so-called Republican he’s always willing to play the useful idiot for their far left audiences.

Frum is also a co-founder of the No Labels group, which apparently meets in a Grand Central phonebooth once a year, yet he’s always rather quick to label conservatives as some out-of-touch relics of a bygone era.

So Frum appeared with CNN’s Howard Kurtz Sunday on the laughably-titled Reliable Sources and spent his time whining, naturally, about Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.

According to Frum, Fox News doesn’t deal in reality. But what really upsets Frum is Fox has little use for him.

Poor thing.



Notice he leads of with an example of Fox being out of touch by citing a story ignored by CNN and MSNBC. Well, those networks also have ignored Solyndra and Fast & Furious. Does it mean those stories aren’t real?

Later Frum snivels about how Fox no longer takes his calls and how it’s all because he trashed  Limbaugh. Let’s face it, we see Democrats on Fox pretty much all the time, especially when there are panel debate. Why the need for an angry RINO when we already get opinions from the other side? How often do we see the same level of balance on MSNBC?

Limbaugh has really gotten into his head. Frum just can’t accept the reality that nobody’s listening to him while Limbaugh commands a massive audience and wide influence.

This is quite amusing if you consider that back in April 2010, Frum said Limbaugh has greatly overstated his audience and was largely irrelevant.

On Reliable Sources yesterday, the question of the “appropriateness” of President Obama‘s Limbaugh name-check came up again, and Frum took the opportunity to put the radio host’s audience numbers in perspective. While Limbaugh claims a “weekly audience” of 20 million, Frum cuts his influence on American politics down to size.

Frum judges, correctly, that this is a win-win for Obama and Limbaugh. The President can easily afford to piss off 3 million people who are never going to support him anyway, and Limbaugh certainly doesn’t suffer with that audience by being named by their bogeyman.

Yeah, well, how’d that strategy work out in 2010? Not so well, after all. Obama saw his party lose 65 Congressional seats due to his massive unpopularity, Limbaugh and Fox are as popular as ever and David Frum is still irrelevant.

Must suck to be him.

Here’s the clip from 2010, with Frum being interviewed by (surprise!) Kurtz again.



Frum says Limbaugh is one of the most unpopular people in the country. That may well be true since the left has such hatred in their hearts. But ask any Republican who holds more influence, Rush or David Frum, and 99 times out of 100 their reaction will be “Who’s David Frum?”


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