Trump Rails Against Food Stamp Crime Wave

“When half of food stamp recipients have been on the dole for nearly a decade, something is clearly wrong – and some of it has to do with fraud.”  So says Donald Trump, in his brand new book, Time to Get Tough, just released this week.

“The really infuriating thing,”  says Trump, “is that the Obama administration doesn’t seem to care about how taxpayers are being shaken down by this outrageously mismanaged government program. It seems he believes the more voters he gives welfare goodies to, the more votes he’ll rack up for reelection. Perhaps that’s why his administration doesn’t give a rip about policing fraud or administering responsible oversight—he’s buying votes.”

What’s Trump’s solution?  “We need to take a page from the 1996 reform” says Trump,  “and do the same for other welfare programs. Benefits should have strings attached to them. After all, if it’s our money recipients are getting, we the people should have a say in how it’s spent. It’s insane to ask taxpayers to foot the bill for some junkie’s drug habit when America is already $15 trillion in the hole. Also, no more millionaires getting welfare checks. That’s outrageous.”