NLRB Drops Suit Against Boeing


The National Labor Relations Board has dropped its suit against Boeing, which was in the crosshairs for daring to open a new production line in right-to-work South Carolina.  It’s not quite a stirring victory for economic liberty.  The New York Times reports:

The N.L.R.B.’s acting general counsel, Lafe Solomon, said the labor board had decided to end the case after the machinists’ union — which originally asked for the case to be brought — had urged the board on Thursday to withdraw it.

On Wednesday night, the union announced that 74 percent of its 31,000 Boeing workers in Washington State had voted to ratify a four-year contract extension that includes substantial raises, unusual job security provisions and a commitment by Boeing to expand aircraft production in the Puget Sound area.

South Carolina senator Jim DeMint put this into perspective via Twitter:

NLRB dropping Boeing case after new union contract confirms suit was a politically-motivated negotiation tactic, not merit-based.

Real damage to U.S. competitiveness already done. Precedent set that NLRB will attack workers and businesses in right-to-work states.

Obama appointees on NLRB board who led this attack on workers’ rights should resign immediately.

The NLRB was essentially acting as Obama’s strong arm on behalf of his Big Labor allies, using government force to tilt the playing field against private industry.  “The case was always about the loss of future jobs in the Seattle area,” said NLRB general counsel Lafe Solomon.  Really?  The people of South Carolina will be fascinated to hear that.

DeMint surely knows that nobody involved in this will resign voluntarily, any more than Attorney General Eric Holder will relinquish power in shame over the Fast and Furious dead. 

Boeing applauded the N.L.R.B.’s move. “We have maintained from the outset that the complaint was without merit and that the best course of action would be for it to be dropped,” said Tim Neal, a Boeing spokesman. “Today that happened. Boeing is grateful for the overwhelming support we received from across the country to vigorously contest this complaint and support the legitimate rights of businesses to make business decisions.” 

Wonderful!  All of America went up against the Obama Administration and Big Labor, and we managed to win a negotiated settlement.  At least the next corporation that mistakenly believes it is free to use its capital and make business decisions in the best interests of its shareholders will know what they’re up against.



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