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American interests should come first. Always. No apologies...


Donald Trump Details His Foreign Policy Principles

American interests should come first. Always. No apologies…

Donald J. Trump is well known as a deal-maker and real estate mogul, and his recent foray into politics has focused on applying his financial prowess to the country’s economic crisis.  But as rumors circulate about his Presidential ambitions, so too do questions about his foreign policy experience.

In his new book, Time to Get Tough, Trump addresses this issue head-on: 

“I believe that any credible American foreign policy doctrine should be defined by at least seven core principles,” says Trump.   “For starters, here is principle #1:  American interests should come first. Always. No apologies.  Principle #2:  Maximum firepower and military preparedness…”

Trump adds:  “Obama’s violations of these principles are bad enough, but they are much worse when you consider the epic foreign policy failures he has committed in his first three years in office.  Most Americans have been so focused on all of Barack Obama’s economic failures and the disastrous effects of the Obama economy that they haven’t had the time to pay close attention to how much he’s screwed up American’s national security. But a closer look uncovers some alarming realities…”

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Adam Tragone is managing editor for Human Events. He appears regularly as a political commentator on national radio & television shows. Adam‚??s email is ATragone@EaglePub.Com

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