Trump Says 'Sue OPEC'

In his new book, Time to Get Tough, Donald Trump says it’s time to really get tough with OPEC.  Not only does Trump complain about the oil-producing nations’ disregard for America and free markets, he says there is a simple solution:  Sue them.

Sounds like a great talking point for a stump speech, but is it realistic?  Here’s Trump’s answer:
“Currently, bringing a lawsuit against OPEC is difficult,”  he admits, “and it’s been made even more complicated by a 2002 federal court ruling.” 

But Trump insists there is a way to fix that:  “We must get Congress to pass and the president to sign the “No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act (NOPEC),”  says Trump.  “The bill has already passed the Senate Judiciary Committee four times with bipartisan support and would clear the way for the United States to sue member nations of OPEC for price-fixing and anti-competitive behavior.”

In addition to explaining how to regain the upper hand with OPEC, Trump details a broad program of energy independence for the US that he says would reduce the price of gasoline at the pump, slash our budget deficits, and dramatically improve the balance of power on the global stage and lead to much-improved security for our nation.  In Time to Get Tough, which was just released this week, Trump covers a wide range of national issues that he says are necessary to “make America #1 again.”