Gingrich to Debate Huntsman in Lincoln-Douglas Style Debate

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will engage in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate with former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics in Manchester N.H.

New Hampshire is a stronghold of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, so both Gingrich and Huntsman can gain by increasing their presence and stature there. The format of the debate will be similar to the one that Gingrich and Herman Cain had in Houston, back in November. The longer, more in-depth discussion could be good for both candidates as it is a format in which Gingrich excels, and one in which most voters haven’t seen Huntsman in.

For Gingrich, taking New Hampshire in the primary would be a major coup. Huntsman has spent a majority of his time campaigning in New Hampshire and needs to do well in the state if he is to have any chance at the nomination at all.

The event is being sponsored by the Southern New Hampshire 9-12 Project and the St. Aslem College Republicans and takes place on December 12.