Obama's Job-Killing Global-Warming Agenda Continues Under the Radar

With little attention and fanfare, the United Nations kicked off its latest global-warming conference – this time in Durban, South Africa. Their mission:  to extend the Kyoto Protocol.  But as Bloomberg reports, Japan, Russia and Canada will not renew their commitments, and, of course, the United States will never sign on without commitments from China and India.  The Kyoto process is essentially dead– and even President Obama is acknowledging it, much to the chagrin of his left-wing environmental base.

The troubling question therefore is why is President Obama still determined to implement extremely expensive, job-killing domestic global-warming regulations through his Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), especially as we struggle with a weak economy?  Even Lisa Jackson, the head of the Obama EPA has admitted that the United States acting alone would have no impact on the climate.  Now with the complete collapse of the Kyoto process, there is no question that Obama’s global-warming regulations would be all pain for no climate gain.

Regulation Trickery

Over the past decade, we succeeded in defeating the global-warming cap-and-trade agenda in Congress, which would have destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs and caused electricity prices to “skyrocket.”  President Obama understands that the American people have caught on to the economic damage that his agenda would cause, so he is trying to implement it under the radar.  Therefore, our mission now must be to stop him from achieving through regulation what he could not achieve through legislation.

Look no farther than Capitol Hill for evidence of the Democrats’ new plan to keep quiet on global warming.  When Sen. Boxer was asked if she would attend the climate conference in Durban she said, “It hasn’t been brought to my attention,” and she wouldn’t be making the trip because, “I’m too busy here.” Sen. Boxer isn’t alone. Congressman Henry Waxman also told Greenwire, “I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it.”  But perhaps Sen. Lieberman put it best when he explained that the international climate talks are “basically happening through the administration now.”

‘Extreme Weather’

With the Durban conference receiving little attention, you likely haven’t heard much about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) latest global-warming report either.  That’s because after the Climategate scandal, when hundreds of e-mails displaying the manipulation of data by climate scientists were released, and over 100 errors in the science came to light, the IPCC has been thoroughly discredited.  Their latest report is a typical attempt to scare the public into action, but they clearly understand that global warming no longer sells.  According to Time magazine, it seems that their goal is to “retire” the phrase “global warming” and replace it with “extreme weather.”  Remember when Al Gore and the alarmist movement sought to use the image of Hurricane Katrina as the future of global warming?  Well, a closer look at the report reveals that the IPCC actually has very low confidence that increased hurricanes are or will be a result of global warming.

Climategate 2.0

If the first Climategate scandal, and the errors in the IPCC science, were not enough to display the IPCC’s political agenda, another batch of Climategate e-mails, now known as Climategate 2.0, has surfaced just before the Durban conference.  But as Joe Romm of “Climate Progress” said about the timing of their release, “It’s so refreshing that anybody thinks those climate talks actually matter.”

Why should Americans be concerned about this crisis of confidence in the IPCC?  Because EPA Administrator Jackson has admitted that EPA never engaged in an independent analysis of the science underpinning their forthcoming global-warming regulations, but instead relied primarily on the discredited IPCC.  Now, a recent report by the EPA Inspector General has found that EPA cut corners on what is called an “endangerment finding,” which is the basis for these regulations.  So not only will these rules be all pain for no gain, their foundation is the flawed science of the IPCC, implemented through a flawed scientific process at the EPA.

Now that the Kyoto process has completely collapsed, the IPCC has made itself utterly irrelevant, and the global-warming hoax has been thoroughly exposed, many have left the issue for dead.  The American people may no longer be worried about the global-warming hoax, but they should be very worried about what the Obama EPA’s global-warming regulations will do to their jobs and their pocketbooks.

President Obama has already abandoned the possibility of an international treaty.  Now it’s time for him to halt his job-killing global-warming agenda.