Obama-Biden Economic Guru Corzine Hit With Congressional Subpoena

Mark December 8 on your calendar and get the popcorn ready. Also expect all the networks to run with gavel-to-gavel coverage.

Yeah, right.

The House Committee on Agriculture this morning voted to subpoena Jon Corzine to testify next week on the collapse on MF Global, the failed futures broker that the former governor led until a few days after it collapsed Oct. 31.

The hearing is scheduled for Dec. 8 at 9:30 a.m. Prior to taking the vote, the committee’s Republican chairman, Frank Lucas of Oklahoma, said that Corzine, whom he described as “material witness,” had yet to respond to the committee’s invitation to testify, which lead to the vote to subpoena him. The House committee oversees the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the primary regulator of MF Global’s futures activity.

Expect a flurry of important announcements and speeches by Obama that day in order to suck the air out of the coverage. Just imagine if a former Republican governor was testifying before Congress after magically making $1.2 billion disappear. The buildup would be incredibly.

How much do you want to bet MSNBC completely ignores coverage?

Bet your last nickel the networks won’t be playing this video.



At least next Thursday we won’t be wondering where on earth Corzine has been hiding. Again, if he were a Republican the media would be camped outside his lavish estate.

The total blackout on his whereabouts even led to this amusing image.