Senator James Inhofe Calls For Holder To Resign


In flagrant violation of the modified First Amendment clearly explained to them, with helpful hand gestures, by Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday, the Daily Caller is reporting that Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) has joined the chorus of calls for Holder’s resignation.  He said Operation Fast and Furious is only one of the reasons Holder should go:

“One of my first concerns was, I’ve kind of provided the leadership on keeping [Guantanamo Bay] open,” Inhofe said. “As you probably know, Obama has not allowed one new detainee to be transferred to Gitmo since he’s been president. Even though the attorney general could not find anything that was wrong, he was still advocating the closing of Gitmo.”

“Then, back during the Clinton administration, there was Marc Rich,” Inhofe added.  Rich was a billionaire fugitive charged with making illegal trades with Iran and tax evasion, and was pardoned by former President Bill Clinton. “Here was a guy who was as bad as it gets, and he’s offering him pardons. At that time, I don’t recall [Holder’s] specific position, but he was clearly in charge of the pardon list and he represented it.”

Inhofe said the lack of DOJ action against the New Black Panther Party for intimidating white voters in Philadelphia is another reason Holder needs to step down.

As for Operation Fast and Furious, Inhofe is convinced that Holder was fully aware of the program and its controversial tactics — allowing guns to “walk” into the hands of dangerous Mexican drug cartels.

Inhofe is the 54th member of Congress, and second Senator, to unequivocally demand Holder’s resignation.  He joins Senator Johnny Isakson (R-GA), who made the call after witnessing Holder’s meltdown with a Daily Caller reporter.  Some others have issued “conditional or veiled calls,” but it looks like the veils are coming off.  



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