Occupier-in-Chief To Turn Manhattan Into Frozen Zone

The White House Occupier has a busy day ahead. While focused like a laser on destroying the economy, he’s also managing to squeeze in a little time for fundraising, which basically is all he does any more. Today the selfish oaf picked the worst traffic day of the year to visit Manhattan and plans to show up during rush hour, turning the city into one big frozen zone.

Apparently his crack staff is oblivious to the fact today also happens to be the day they light up the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

A regular man of the people.

The President’s three-stop city tour starts at 5 p.m. with a gathering at a private Manhattan home. He’ll be hobnobbing with 25 to 30 people, each of whom paid $10,000 for the privilege of an intimate audience with the commander-in-chief.

Next up is a dinner at Gotham Bar and Grill in the East Village. He’ll dine with 40 to 45 donors, each of whom forked over the maximum donation of $35,800.

Obama will top off his buck-raking evening with a stop at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in midtown. He’ll be the center of attention amid a gathering of several hundred guests, each of whom satisfied the entry fee of $1,000.

Why should he care if he turns Manhattan into a parking lot? He’s getting his and that’s all that matters. Besides, the stooges in New York will still be voting for him, so why should he care if he inconveniences millions of people?

Speaking of gluttons for punishment, he’ll also be heading to a gay marriage celebration, even though he allegedly doesn’t support gay marriage.

Talk about having it both ways.

Obama also is scheduled to attend a reception celebrating progress on gay rights and the six-month anniversary of New York’s approval of gay marriage. Obama has been supportive of gay and lesbian causes but has yet to declare his support for gay marriage.

His trip to New York is being hailed as the gridlock alert day of the decade.


Some wonder, why today?

But with just a little less arrogance, and a little more consideration, on the part of the president and his political team, the whole mess could have been avoided.

Donald Trump pulled no punches, either.
“It’s very inconsiderate of the President to come into New York and have a fundraiser during the Christmas tree lighting,” Trump told David Asman on Power & Money. “Thousands and thousands of people come to see the lighting; they’re not going to be able to move. There’s going to be total gridlock, the streets are going to be closed because the President’s in town. I think it’s a very nasty move by the President.”
Meanwhile, in a typical Obama astroturf display, his Occupy zombies will feign a protest, just for show.

Occupy protesters plan to picket an Obama fundraiser in Manhattan on Wednesday. “President Obama is coming to NYC to raise money from the 1%, at fundraisers that cost $35,800 a person. Today OWS DA consensed upon supporting a march/demonstration to the presidential fundraiser,” reads an Occupy press release sent out this morning.