Cutting Edge Political Party Emerges From OWS Movement

After two months of crime, whining, defecating in the streets and becoming an overall menace to society, the remnants of the so-called Occupy movement have finally come to a consensus and formed their own political party. Somehow their adoring media sycophants managed to miss this press release that came out over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The Occupation Party represents the 99% of Americans who want reform that brings back honesty and transparency into our governmental and political institutions—in short, a return to government that is truly by the people, for the people and that serves the interests of the people first and foremost.

That’s all well and good, but they don’t represent anywhere near 99% of the public. Heck, not even a third. Safe to say this is a party that isn’t grounded in reality.

Perhaps they live under the delusion that they can replicate the enormous success of the Tea Party, which fielded candidates and challenged Republican incumbent in 2010 primaries, with many candidates winning both primary and general elections.

Good luck to these losers organizing and fielding candidates to oppose Democrats in 2012. It’s safe to say they’ll be received even more coolly by the establishment Democrats than tea partiers were by the GOP.

Needless to say, their platform is a muddled, incoherent list of demands:

Spread the Word, Tell the Truth

For now, we are working to spread awareness of what’s really behind our nation’s woes. Part of the problem is that those benefiting from the status quo have invested a great deal of energy and resources into obscuring the real issues. And they make backroom deals, get under-the-table handouts, and ferociously attack anyone who questions them, loudly and repeatedly, on any grounds they can find.

Their tactics are designed to confuse. They cloud or distract from the truth and marginalize or de-legitimize anyone who dares to call them out or question their actions.

The media has its own profit motive to consider when choosing what to cover and how to cover it, and is often just as invested in the status quo for its own reasons. It is no longer the reliable, unbiased source of information it once was.

Right there you know these folks have little touch with reality. To claim the media was ever a reliable, unbiased source of information is laughable. Perhaps they’re thinking of alternative media that actually does report truthfully, and has exposed these freaks for what they are.

The mainstream media has gone out of their way to deceive the public as to what this movement is all about, concealing their crimes and ties to the Democratic Party.

Create Consensus, Rebuild Democracy

The only way to restore the voice of the 99% is to first make connections. Whether direct or representative, democracy works only if the people participate. We’re working to set up a community in which everyone can be heard and all ideas are considered. Our nation’s problems are big, and we need help from everyone to solve them.

Considering these drooling idiots can’t decide what to have for dinner without mic checks and 37 committees weighing in, getting “everyone” involved is pie-in-the-sky fantasy. Then again, as we’ve noted, they’re not exactly living in the real world.

Define Problems, Seek Solutions

As awareness increases and once our community and communications channels are set up, we will be working together to define the problems and seek actionable solutions. The process won’t be easy because the problems are huge and all voices need to be heard. But as long as we work together toward our common goal of government that accurately and effectively represents the people, we’ll get there, one step at a time, one issue at a time, one problem at a time, one solution at a time.

Until then they’ll simply continue to have temper tantrums at whatever locations that still exist, a rapidly dwindling number of dank outposts filled with the dregs of society.

They have failed on an enormous scale, exposed as a far-left assemblage of Communists, anarchists and fringe Obama supporters.

We’d love to see them actually field a slate of candidates to run against Democrats, but it appears they don’t even have the slightest clue how to organize enough to offer a single one.

The Tea Party, while loosely organized across the country, at least had a coherent message (Taxed Enough Already). They also avoided the criminal element, slept in their own beds and brought forth qualified candidates, many of who now “occupy” an office in Washington, not a filthy tent in some public park. They also did it with zero support from the media or the Washington elites.

We’d be shocked if there’s a single “Occupation Party” candidate on a Congressional ballot in 2012, and even more shocked if their media enablers endorsed them. After all, their Democratic Party bosses wouldn’t allow that.