The Clearest Political and Constitutional Thinker of Our Time

Editor’s note: We at HUMAN EVENTS are pleased to bring you this week a series of profiles from the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute​​.  These are profiles of influential and prominent conservative women who have made a tremendous impact for the better on this great country.

I am honored that the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute has asked me to discuss why Phyllis Schlafly is among “The 10 Most Influential Conservative Women in America.” Few people have done as much as Phyllis to advance the cause of constitutional conservatism. She is truly a national treasure.

Phyllis Schlafly’s accomplishments on behalf of conservative causes are extensive, and she continues to add to them. A few highlights include:

• The 1964 release of Phyllis’s book A Choice Not An Echo which promoted the presidential campaign of conservative Sen. Barry Goldwater, while also alerting millions of conservative Republicans to the necessity of winning the intraparty struggle being waged with moderates who were promoting a losing strategy of “me too” liberalism.

• The founding, in 1972, of an organization that is now known as “Eagle Forum.” Eagle Forum is one of the nation’s pre-eminent pro-family organizations, and it is dedicated to advancing conservative causes throughout the country.

• Engineering the defeat of a proposed constitutional amendment that had been introduced to advance a radical feminist agenda. In a victory that took a decade to achieve, Phyllis Schlafly was able to protect our Constitution from the inclusion of a so-called “Equal Rights Amendment” that would have given enormous new powers to the federal government and to the federal courts at the expense of the states.

Clearly, the United States of America would be a vastly different place were it not for the efforts of Phyllis Schlafly. It would be a country in which conservatism might not have become the predominant ideology of the Republican Party. It would also be a country in which the constitutional limits on federal power would have been radically diminished.

When Phyllis offers her opinion on an issue, one can be assured that it is an opinion that is rooted in an intellectual understanding of the founding principles of this nation instead of in the passing fads of the era.  This is one of the reasons that Phyllis remains such an important figure to the conservative movement, and why conservatives would be well advised to regularly seek her counsel and to enlist her aid. Quite simply, she is the clearest political and constitutional thinker of our time, and one of conservatism’s most successful grassroots activists.

Importantly, Phyllis understands that even after authoring 20 books on topics as diverse as family, feminism and judicial tyranny, her work as a defender of freedom and liberty is not done. She is an important voice in the ongoing battle to repeal ObamaCare, and she is a skillful advocate of the need to secure our borders against illegal immigration. Her daily commentaries are heard on over 600 radio stations, and her column appears in over 100 newspapers. She is a sought-after speaker on college campuses, offering a conservative perspective, and personal inspiration, to students who often face openly hostile leftist professors. 

With her record of grassroots achievements, her consistent advocacy of conservative causes, and her intellectual grounding in the founding principles of this nation, Phyllis Schlafly has firmly established herself in American politics as a “conservative’s conservative.” Members of Congress hold Phyllis in such great respect that a word from her can immediately change votes on an issue. She has earned the right to exert great influence over the course of public debate, and I look forward to her continued contributions to the cause of constitutional conservatism for years to come.