Unapologetic, Unsinkable, Unwavering Ann Coulter

Editor’s note: We at HUMAN EVENTS are pleased to bring you this week a series of profiles from the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute​​.  These are profiles of influential and prominent conservative women who have made a tremendous impact for the better on this great country.

Had she been born a century ago, Ann Coulter would have been a movie star. She’s got movie star eyes: They’re big and round and they lock onto you with the intensity and fire that silver nitrate film was invented for. And she’s got a movie star laugh: It’s full and round and loud when she wants it to be, and she almost always wants it to be. But more than her starlet eyes and her ravishing laugh, Ann Coulter is having fun. She loves being the unsinkable, unapologetic Ann Coulter.

And that drives the left around the bend, which is reason enough to list Ann as one of the nation’s top conservatives, let alone top female conservatives.

We already know the basics: Ann is a dazzlingly gifted polemicist. She’s a scary-smart writer—readers of her latest book, Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America will have noticed a new level of power and philosophy in her writing. On television, where we all (sadly) get increasingly more of our information, Ann Coulter is a dervish of debate and verbal smarts: Ann never backs down, never shrugs a question and, what’s more, alone among the pundits (left and right) she’s never weasel-worded an answer.

This gets her into trouble—there are protests in the universities, outrage in the left-wing press, and general bafflement among the smug media courtesans. How could this blonde she-devil capture so many readers? How can this troublemaking, outspoken lady, clad in her chic little dresses and glamour-girl shoes, be so popular?

It’s easy to understand why she’s popular with conservatives. Ann is our powerhouse, our Patton. Ann marches in front of our parade with a fearless wit, and in sexy heels, too. When conservatives read the New York Times or watch CNN and find themselves shouting at the television or tossing the paper down in disgust, more often than not they’re wishing that Ann Coulter was there on the set, or in the editorial meeting, to set those lefties straight.

But her appeal is a lot broader than that. More liberal friends than I can count have come up to me, when they hear that Ann and I are friends, to say, “I don’t agree with her on much, but for some reason, I love Ann Coulter.”

Here’s the reason: She’s got style. She’s got courage. She’s got a wicked and infectious sense of humor.  She’s the love child of John Wayne and Carole Lombard and we’re lucky to have her on our side.