Sen. Dianne Feinstein Battered on TV for Her 'Inaction'

A year before she faces California’s voters again, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein is taking some sharp hits on her voting record.  What makes the broadside against Feinstein most newsworthy is that they are coming from a conservative Republican who has already ruled out a race against her: Rep. Devin Nunes of the Central Valley.
But for the past five weeks, Nunes has overseen the production and running of TV spots highlighting Feinstein’s record on water issues, taxes and regulation.
“These are things which directly impact on the Central Valley and its people,” Nunes Chief of Staff Johnny Amaral told HUMAN EVENTS yesterday.  “And when you have 40% unemployment in some parts out here, you understand why we’re getting such a strong response to the spots—and why all Feinstein’s people can do is badmouth Congressman Nunes.”
The Nunes broadsides have focused most on what Amaral calls “her inaction—or unwillingness to act—on the San Joaquin water issue.  Because of the rules in the ESA [Endangered Species Act], and one particular kind of fish was supposedly in danger of being killed—and this has never been proven—the water pumps were shut off at a time when Democrats controlled the House and Senate and presidency, everything.  When the pumps are off, the farms dry up, and that’s why you have the current water crisis in The Valley.
“We’ve had year after year of inaction because Sen. Feinstein and her fellow liberal Democrats put a fish ahead of farmers.”
Has there been a response to the spots putting the face of Feinstein—at 78 and after more than four decades in office, the senior Democrat in the Golden State—on this crisis?  Sources in The Valley told HUMAN EVENTS that not only are Nunes’ commercials drawing an enthusiastic response, but that Democrats seeking local office are no longer saying they are more like Feinstein and less like Rep. Nancy Pelosi, California’s junior Sen. Barbara Boxer and other unabashedly left-of-center Democrats.
“For years, moderate Democrats running for office have said they are more like Feinstein [lifetime American Conservative Union rating: 8.53%] and less like Boxer [lifetime ACU rating: 2.96%],” noted Johnny Amaral.  “But they are not saying that anymore.  They’re realizing Feinstein isn’t that much different from Boxer—and just as bad for the Central Valley.”