Holder Needs to Go, President Should Show Him the Door

Eric HolderAtty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr., should resign immediately and if Holder does not do so on his own, President Barack H. Obama Jr.,  should demand Holder’s resignation.

Here is why. Someone at either ATF or DOJ during a meeting one day came up with and proposed what they thought was a brilliant idea.

“What if we let straw purchasers buy guns from U.S. gun shops and take them acrossthe border into Mexico? They will take the guns to the drug cartel leaders in their secret hideouts and we can swoop in and grab them. It’ll be great!”

Someone else at ATF or DOJ heard that idea and said, “That’s brilliant! Let’s do it!”    

The above is an oversimplification of course but it captures the essence of what really happened.  

The ATF did in fact allow over 2,000 firearms to be purchased and taken into Mexico, thinking that they could follow the guns straight to the drug kingpins like so many full-metal-jacketed breadcrumbs.

The scenario would be as laughable as a plot line from the original Batman TV series if not for the tragic consequences of the operation that AG Holder now refers to as “Flawed in concept as well as execution.”

At least one Border Patrol agent, Brian A. Terry has been killed by weapons linked to Fast and Furious and some 1,400 hundred weapons remain unaccounted for.

As Attorney General, Eric Holder is our nation’s top law enforcement officer and this catastrophic failure occurred on his watch. If this is what now passes for enforcement of the nation’s gun laws then our Second Amendment rights are in serious jeopardy. 

I recently spoke to the Connecticut Citizens Defense League where I declared that if I am elected to Congress I will be a staunch supporter of the rights of law abiding, gun owning Americans and an advocate for the enforcement of existing gun laws. Well, as a candidate for U.S. Congress I can be no less vocal.  

The bottom line is that Eric Holder should resign on his own and if not, the President should have the courage and good sense to dismiss him.

But of course President Obama will not because the current attorney general is the standard bearer for the current President’s anti-gun agenda.