Trump Releases Financial Statement in New Book

In his new book, Time to Get Tough, set to be released on December 5 by Regnery Publishing (A HUMAN EVENTS sister company), Donald J. Trump discloses full details of his financial net worth.  According to the 3-page disclosure form, Trump is worth $7.005 billion, far greater than previous estimates.

Many pundits criticized Trump for exaggerating his net worth in the past. Many others predicted that the reason he would not run for President was his reluctance to lay bare his financial details.  Both camps seem to have been outflanked by Trump this time.

In fact, says Trump in the book, “some people have yet to realize how serious I was and am about running for the White House … And whether it’s me or someone else, we need the kind of thinking that can produce this kind of success.”

The summary of Trump’s net worth, detailed on page 182 of Trump’s upcoming book, Time to Get Tough,  shows $1.37 billion in commercial properties, $348 million in residential properties, $1.22 billion in club facilities and related real estate, $261 million in properties under development, $652 million in partially-owned properties, $108 million in real estate licensing, $20 million for Miss Universe, plus $270 million in cash.  All that against a relatively small total liability of $379 million.

Along with the “Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Report” is a valuation of the Trump brand at $3 billion.  This is not pie in the sky; the Brand Value was established by Predictiv, a highly respected brand valuation company that works with many Global 500 corporations, including Pfizer, Southwest Air, VISA, UPS, Major League Baseball, and others to measure the financial value of brand and other assets.

Click here to see page one, page two and page three of the financial disclosure documents. Exclusive to HUMAN EVENTS.