Portland PD Releases Video of #Occupy Protester Punching Police Horse in Face

The Portland Police Department is asking the public for information about the identity of the person involved in punching a police horse in the face during Thursday’s Occupy Portland riots.

During the violence that day a protester struck a police horse in the face. The Porland police released this video:

(The horse is punched at the 37 second mark)

The Portland Police Department released this statement on Thursday’s attacks:

This information is in regard to a specific confrontation that occurred during the 12-hour N17 protest that occurred on Thursday, November 17, 2011. Around 4:30 p.m., Portland Police Officers were attempting to remove people from Southwest Yamhill Street so that vehicular traffic and light-rail traffic could resume.

Many people were in the street in what was a very dangerous situation. At the same time, officers were also preventing any additional people from entering the Chase Bank, located on the corner of 6th and Yamhill.

olice were inside the bank arresting individuals who had entered the bank to protest. Police made repeated loud-hail commands and officers on the ground reiterated those commands for people to clear the street and leave the area. A confrontation occurred between a group of protestors who would not disperse. Projectiles were thrown at police and an unidentified man struck a police horse…

…The Bureau is also releasing a video of the horse being struck. Anyone with information about the identity of the person involved in this incident should call Central Precinct at (503) 823-0097.