Gingrich on the Move in Iowa, Former Campaign Staffers Return

Poll numbers in Iowa are in flux. The latest Rasmussen survey has Newt Gingrich with a commanding double digit lead. Gingrich leads that survey with 32 percent, followed by Mitt Romney with 19 percent, and Herman Cain with 13 percent. Ron Paul received 10 percent.

In an Iowa State survey, though, Cain leads with 24 percent, followed by Paul with 20 percent, Romney with 16 percent. Gingrich is at five percent in that survey.

But in a sign that Gingrich–whose campaign has raised more than $4 million since October 1st–is fundraising well and his numbers are probably closer to Rasmussen’s than the Iowa State poll’s, the former speaker hired two ex-staff members that had left his campaign when many thought it would implode.

Craig Schoenfeld, one of the most respected operatives in Iowa, who left Gingrich to work for a Super PAC that supported Rick Perry, and Katie Koberg came back on board the Gingrich campaign, which Iowa news outlets like the Des Moines Register first reporterd. 

Gingrich’s momentum has stemmed largely from his ability to talk about the issues of the day in a way that resonates with Tea Party voters who are not satisfied with Mitt Romney.

In a campaign stop at a Florida Tea Party event in Jacksonville, Gingrich again did so by comparing the Tea Party to the Occupy movement.

Gingrich said those in the Occupy movement were displaying “anti-civilization” behavior and the difference between the Occupy movement and the Tea Party is that the Occupiers wants to “tear down our country” while the Tea Partiers love “our country and want to rebuild our country.”

Gingrich also spoke about how the Tea Party movement read and studied historical documents such as the Constitution and the Federalist Papers while the Occupy movement is simply just an angry mob.

On FOX News’ On The Record, Gingrich noted how the Florida Tea Party cleaned up after his event while those in the Occupy movement trashed their local municipalities. 

Gingrich noted that Tea Partiers gathered as “citizens” and “not as mobs.”

To sustain his momentum, Gingrich will need Tea Party voters to be with him, as he often says, instead of for him.

And with less than two months before the Iowa Caucus, Gingrich’s campaign rhetoric seems like it is raising him money and can also give him air cover in Iowa to make it easier for his newly hired operatives to organize caucus-goers on the ground.