Uncle Omar Lands On His Feet

Have you been worried about the fate of Onyango Obama, the President’s illegal-alien “Uncle Omar?”  He had a rough summer, having been busted for DUI after nearly plowing into a cop car, leading to the discovery that he’s been ducking a deportation order for the past twenty years, forging identity documents and racking up thousands of dollars in back taxes.

Worry no more, because TMZ found Uncle Omar, and he’s doing just fine.  He’s back to work at the liquor store, none the worse for wear after his brush with the law.  It doesn’t look like he’s worried too much about deportation.  The wise guys at TMZ headlined their discovery “President Obama’s Uncle: Picture Proof… He’s Still Selling 80 Proof.”

What about those pesky drunk driving charges?  Well, the Boston Herald says Uncle Omar wants those thrown out of court, because even though he narrowly missed smashing into a cop and blew .14 on the Breathalyzer (a damn sight past the local legal limit of .08), he thinks his arrest “violated his Fourth Amendment rights against unlawful search and seizure.”  A hearing on the motion is scheduled for January 12.  Yes, he’ll still be in America for it.  Why wouldn’t he be?

In unrelated news, the Obama Administration still says immigration laws are impossible to enforce with the limited resources available to them, and Attorney General Eric Holder stands ready to sue the hell out of any state that tries to prove otherwise.