Occupy San Diego Holds Moment of Silence For White House Shooter


Hey, remember that random nut who “blended” into the Occupy DC protest, in order to line up a shot at the White House windows with his AK-47?  His name is Oscar Ramiro Ortega.  As with the other 250+ crimes committed at Occupy camps, his actions were “isolated” and say absolutely nothing about the noble movement he “infiltrated.”

Except that Occupy San Diego held a moment of silence in “solidarity” with Ortega yesterday.  You will hear no objections raised to the idea in the video below.  You will hear a bonus “Occupy the police department!” shout at the end.

Obviously, the people who called for this “moment of silence,” and all the slack-jawed Occupiers who dutifully complied, are “infiltrators” too.  They’re probably all undercover cops.  Just ask Michael Moore!

John Nolte at Big Journalism thinks back to the “climate of hate” narrative, which the dwindling number of apologists for the “liberal Tea Party” insist it is brutally unfair of us to remember:

According to some reports, this shooter is accused of having a fixation on the White House and having targeted the residence where the President and his family live. That means we could have an attempted assassination of the President of the United States on our hands, and these oh-so precious Occupiers are gathering to show some “solidarity,” reverence and understanding of the man’s actions.

Me must dutifully state the obvious: Imagine the media outcry if just one Tea Partier had stopped for a moment of silence in “solidarity” with Timothy McVeigh or Jared Loughner. The narrative about “extreme elements” would be deafening.

But you won’t hear boo about this.

You certainly won’t!  The official media action line remains that the Democrat Party-endorsed Occupy movement is exactly the same as the Tea Party: “mostly peaceful.”