Obama The Man Behind Occupy Crackdown

Violent, lice-ridden and foul-mouthed with high self-esteem.  Ignorant spoiled brats shouting incoherent rage.  The Occupiers.  The perfect product of the government education machine.  Obama’s shock troops in the war to “utterly transform America.”
In the last two months, the Occupy movement has spawned hundreds of illegal camps and many reports of drug overdoses, rape, robbery and death.
The American public has had enough.  Obama got the message.  In the last two weeks, cities across the country, led by some of the most liberal pro-Occupy, pro-Obama mayors, have used police to clear the camps.  What happened?
Only a month ago, the President praised Occupy, saying the protesters “express the frustrations that the American people feel.”
Then last week, the camps were suddenly cleared in cities across the country.
In New York on the order of Mayor Bloomberg, who had protected Occupy Wall Street (OWS); in Oakland, Calif., where Mayor Jean Quan had apologized to Occupy when Oakland police had earlier confronted the protesters; and in Portland, Ore., where Mayor Sam Adams had praised the Occupy protesters when the camps were first set up.
In dozens of key cities where liberal mayors echoed the Obama line that Occupy represented the frustrations of the American people, the violence, lawlessness and incoherence produced a profound backlash.  Defecating on the American flag and on a police car did not win the hearts and minds of the frustrated American voter.
Public opinion was turning against the Occupy movement and threatening to derail Obama’s reelection juggernaut.  Obama never moves faster than when he perceives it’s time to throw someone (in this case an entire movement) under the bus to advance his political fortunes.
It is now coming out that, in city after city, the crackdown on Occupy camps was coordinated with federal agencies.  Behind the scenes, Obama led the Occupy crackdown.
Local law enforcement agencies in cities with Occupy camps were advised by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on a range of tactics, planning and preparation.
According to blog reports, local police received legal advice from federal agencies on establishing, through local zoning laws and curfew ordinances, the legal bases for the evictions.  Tactical advice included the ideal show of force, the hour to strike, and coordination with, and assistance from, various federal agencies.
The FBI reportedly advised on press relations, urging cities to begin the camp clearing when the press was least likely to be present.
Oakland Mayor Quan confirmed to the BBC that 18 mayors had participated in a conference call before the crackdown to share this tactical and practical advice on how to stop a movement that they had encouraged.
In Pittsburgh, DHS did a “threat assessment” on Occupy for local police.  Because this assessment did not mention “terrorism,” is DHS now doing these assessments for political purposes?
In Portland, the protesters got pictures of DHS agents helping arrest Occupiers who refused to go.
Confronted with evidence of federal involvement in coordinating the crackdown, the FBI, the DHS and local police departments have all clammed up. 
But the “no comment” coming after numerous eyewitness reports of federal agents involved in the clearing of the Occupy camps only serves to increase the need to ask—what did the President know and when did he know it?
Worse for Obama, he may have cleared the camps, but only encouraged worse violence from the Occupiers.  OWS, cleared from camping in New York’s Zuccotti Park, has now threatened to shut down the city’s subway system, occupy Wall Street itself, and disperse to new campsites throughout New York.
In Oakland, displaced Occupiers have begun to drift across the bay to San Francisco.  However, there the Occupiers face the challenge of maintaining a media profile because they look and act like most of the rest of that city’s residents.