NYPD Officer Stabbed In the Hand By Occupy Wall Street


The New York Daily News has been running an outstanding live feed of pictures and on-site reports from the Occupy Wall Street action today, commemorating the two-month anniversary of their recently terminated Zuccotti Park occupation.  There was initially a lot of marching around and shouting, including a rather ineffectual attempt to shut down the New York Stock Exchange, carried out by Occupiers poorly disguised in business suits. 

New York City has just about had it with the Occupiers, a sentiment captured by Congressman Michael Grimm of the 13th District:

“These people have overstayed their welcome and it’s time they get the heck out of New York City. Between the filth, the smell, the incessant noise, and threat to public safety, they have done nothing but cause a nuisance to the people who work and live in Lower Manhattan. They’ve cost the city and surrounding businesses millions of dollars, and it’s time these people find a more productive use of their time. New Yorkers have had ENOUGH! “ said Congressman Michael Grimm (R-Staten Island).

“The people I represent are the hard-working ‘99%’ who simply want to go to work, do their jobs, and get home to their families without being hassled along the way. They already face one of the longest commutes in the nation without having to deal with this mob. It is reprehensible for these lowlifes to overrun the Staten Island Ferry or the subways to Brooklyn and add further hours to the trip home,” he said.

“I applaud the efforts of Mayor Bloomberg, and the NYPD under Commissioner Kelly’s leadership, in cleaning up Zuccotti Park and managing a potentially violent and destructive situation. They have done a tremendous job! However, it has been two months and now it’s time for the OWS protesters to pack up their tents, buy a bar of soap, and head home,” Grimm said.

Grimm, by the way, is a Marine who served in the Gulf War, a former FBI special agent, and a successful small businessman who opened a health-food store in Manhattan.  He’s also a Tea Party supporter.  You know, the movement that doesn’t defecate in public, hold violent riots, establish “rape-free zones” in its squalid encampments, shoot at the White House, and stab cops with broken bottles.

What’s that?  Cop stabbed with a broken bottle?  You betcha!  The frustrated totalitarians of the Occupy movement turned violent this afternoon:

Rocco Parascandola reports that there have been more than 100 Occupy Wall Street-related arrests so far today in New York City.

To update our earlier report about a copy with a hand injury: a cop was cut on the left hand by a thrown glass object.

Another cop was doused in the face with an unknown liquid earlier.

Four cops who were doused with a liquid earlier went to New York Downtown hospital.

Early this morning, police recovered – from doorways of Financial District buildings and from a truck stopped of the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel – about a dozen locking devices.

That’s your Democrat-endorsed, labor union-supported, Obama-embraced, Pelosi-blessed “liberal Tea Party”: showering the NYPD with broken glass and “unknown liquids.”  Come on, Occupy apologists, step up your game!  Tell us how these are more “isolated incidents” from “infiltrators” who were just “blending in!”



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