Reagan Critics Exhibit Opens at Reagan Ranch, Offers Lessons for GOP Presidential Candidates Mocked by Mainstream Media

The mainstream media has spent considerable time mocking every GOP presidential contender during this election cycle, but the crop of candidates can gain solace from anew exhibit that was unveiled this weekend at the Reagan Ranch Center.

The exhibit, called “Reagan Critics,” will showcase “the absurd, inflammatory, and often downright silly predictions of Ronald Reagan’s many critics.”

The Reagan Ranch Center worked with Victory Film Group create an exhibit that puts into context how remarkable Reagan’s leadership was in the face of the constant barrage of criticism he faced througout his presidency. 

Andrew Coffin, Vice President and Director of the Reagan Ranch said, “Victory Film Group became an important partner in bringing this exhibit to life, taking our basic vision for this exhibit and transforming it into an engaging multimedia experience that is likely to shock and surprise many Reagan Ranch Center visitors. The new Reagan Critics exhibit stands as a provocative companion piece to the new film on the Reagan Ranch, Still Point in a Turning World, created by Victory Film Group earlier this year. “

Victory Film Group Director Stephen K. Bannon said, “The exhibit will help to contextualize the often toxic environment that Ronald Reagan had to endure on a daily basis. It is a testament to the character and resolve of Ronald Reagan that he was able to inspire a nation to help him achieve his many goals in spite of the constant barrage of attacks by the media, scholars, pundits, and adversaries.”